nRF5 Tutorials

Our latest tutorials, guides and resources on programming Nordic nRF52 family. Learn about Nordic nRF52 tools, in-depth explanation of peripherals and bluetooth low energy development with project demonstration.

Learn about the PWM peripheral in Nordic nRF52 and the nrf_drv_pwm library in nRF5 SDK to control the module.

Checkout this article to learn about the TWI and TWIM peripherals in nRF52. Find out how to use nrf_drv_twi driver to control those modules and implement a simple project using this library.

Learn about the nRF52 TWIS peripheral in this in-depth guide. This article covers TWIS features and the nrf_drv_twis driver in nRF5 SDK to control it with example project.

Check out this article to learn the main features of nRF52 SAADC peripheral and how to use nrfx_saadc driver to control it.

Learn to use nRF52 as a SPI Slave using SPIS peripheral. This guide explains SPIS operation and how to use nrf_drv_spis driver to control it with example.

Learn about the SPI and SPIM peripherals in Nordic nRF52. Guide to use the nrf_drv_spi library to control the modules.

In this article, you will learn how to build and test a nRF52 DFU secure bootloader over serial link (UART).

DFU refers to the capability to replace the current firmware running on nRF52 SoC by a new firmware image. This article explains what you need to add DFU capability to your nRF52 projects.

NRF_LOG is a convenient module for assisting debugging your nRF52 project. This article explains the module's dependencies steps to set it up.

Check out this guide to learn how to use UART/UARTE peripherals in Nordic nRF52 using the library app_uart with project example.

Setup and debug a Nordic nRF52 application using Visual Studio Code and Cortex-Debug extension with ease.

Learn about the Programmable Peripheral Interconnect (PPI) module in Nordic nRF52 family and the nrfx_ppi driver to control it.

This article discusses the GPIOTE peripheral in Nordic nRF52 family and the nrfx_gpiote driver to interact with it.

In this article, you will learn about the nRF52 TIMER peripheral and how to use its instances using the nrfx_timer driver in nRF5 SDK.

This article shows you how to get started with developing a freeRTOS application for Nordic nRF52 by creating a blinky task to toggle a LED.