ESP32 Tutorials

Our latest tutorials, guides and resources about programming Espressif ESP32 using ESP-IDF

In this post, you will learn about Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) with ESP32 using ESP-IDF. This article will explain the UART hardware in ESP32, APIs in ESP-IDF to control UARTs and steps to properly configure and use the modules.

Learn how to control GPIOs of ESP32 using micropython: configure a pin as input or output port, set or clear a pin and read digital input pin.

Learn how to get started with micropython on ESP32. This article covers tools and steps needed to write your first micropython program.

Learn how to use the ESP32 SPI peripheral with the ESP-IDF in this article. SPI instances and the APIs needed to interact with them will be covered. You will create a project that uses SPI to operate a MAX7219 module with an 8x8 LED matrix.

Learn how to produce PWM signals using the ESP32 LEDC peripheral. You will become familiar with the LEDC capabilities and APIs before creating a project in which the ESP32 controls the RGB LED’s colour.

Learn how to create an ESP32 application utilising the ESP-IDF framework to control LEDs using an HTTP web server in this tutorial.

Learn to implement a web server on ESP32 using ESP-IDF framework: how to create a web server, register URI handlers and send back responses to clients.

Examine how to write an application to configure ESP32 as an access point using ESP-IDF framework.

Introduction In this article, you will learn steps to write a program to configure ESP32 as a WiFi station that can connect …

In this article, we will learn about ESP32 partition table: what it is, why we need a partition table and how to create a partition table.

Learn about the ESP32 DevKitC development Kit. Understanding its components, pinouts and building a simple program to get started.

This guide helps you get started with BLE development with ESP32 using ESP-IDF. You will learn developing ESP32 GATT Server application with RGB Service to control RGB LED.

Control RGB LED using ESP32 by implementing a component in ESP-IDF. You will learn how to build a component in ESP-IDF and use configuration to increase code reusability.

Learn about ESP32 ADC and APIs in ESP-IDF to work with it. You will learn about ESP32 ADC pins, calibration, configuration with example project.

Learn ESP32 I2C communication with APIs from ESP-IDF. This article shows you how to configure ESP32 as an I2C Master device to send and receive data from an I2C Slave.