About Us

Hi, there. Welcome to Embedded Explorer!

Embedded Explorer is a place whee you can find quality embedded programming tutorials. We make learning complex programming topics become simple.

Our mission

We are passionate about sharing knowledge with others. We know that learning something new is not easy. It takes a lot of your time and effort to master a subject. You also need good learning materials. At Embedded Explorer, we aim to create easy to understand, easy to follow, practical hand on guides and tutorials on embedded system programming topics. We hope to help you learn quicker and easier.

What Topics We Publish

Embedded system programming is a big topic and it is next to impossible to cover everything. At Embedded Explorer, we focus on some chip families such as Nordic nRF52, Espressif ESP32 and STMicroelectronics STM32. We publish articles about tools, sample code snippets and projects to master programming these chips. There are a wide range of applications for these chips, and we are interested in Internet of Things applications and projects related to bluetooth low energy, WiFi, networking. We also publish articles about real time operating systems, especially freeRTOS-based applications on these platforms.

We also write articles about C++ programming.

Hope you enjoy reading our articles.


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